Plinth Black acrylic

Platter 300mm x 25mm flat platter  

Drive Belt. Manufactured from thin-sectioned neoprene rubber

Isolation Feet Fully adjustable +/- 10mm in all planes. Fitted with cork damping pads

Main Bearing One piece, precision machined delrin housing

Main Bearing Spindle Silver steel fitted with a delrin hub

Motor 24v Synchronous

Speeds 33.3 & 45 rpm

Tonearm N/A

Tonearm Boards Available for most classic and current tonearms

Dimensions 450mm x 425mm x 150mm

Weight 16Kg

Motor Low voltage AC

Power 110vac 60hz or 240vac 50hz


Acrylic Lid

Aluminium inertia platter weights

24k Gold plated inertia platter weights

External speed controller

Tonearm boards