Spyder – 2020

Spyder 20mm thick, cnc machined black acrylic spyder chassis

Platter 300mm diameter x 40mm thick Delrin platter. Fitted with three aluminium inertia weights.

Drive Belt. Manufactured from thin-sectioned neoprene rubber

Isolation Feet Fully adjustable +/- 10mm in all planes. Fitted with cork damping pads

Main Bearing Aluminium housing fitted with PTFE bushes and thrust pad

Main Bearing Spindle Aluminium hub with slim-sectioned silver steel shaft running onto a silicone nitride ball bearing

Speeds 33.3 & 45 rpm

Tonearm Rega RB220

Dimensions 330mm x 400mm x 160mm

Weight 15kg

Motor Low voltage, AC synchronous. Mounted in a external aluminium motor unit

Power 240v/110v 50hz/60hz

Guarantee 3 Years

Delivery Worldwide shipping